Wednesday, August 20, 2008


by: Dato Sri Dr. Chua Soi Lek

After its unprecedented poor showing in the 12th General Election, many calls are going out from all quarters and corners within the MCA calling for the need to re-engineer, re-organise, rebuild, re-invent and re-vitalise the party.

Reformation is crucial. MCA shall remain the same as the founding father of MCA has clearly lain out. However, it needs to be fine-tuned and taken into consideration to the political reality of Malaysia in a globalised world.

MCA has to do some soul searching and to make changes in order for the party to going forward based on 3 platforms:-

  1. Real Politics. Real Influence.

  2. Real Equality. Real Rights.

  3. Real Socio-economic Growth.


The way forward for MCA is to be a real political party, which can fit into the new political landscape, and to reflect the political reality. How?

1.1 Change to think National
  • MCA as a mono ethnic party shall exercise multi-racial approach in championing the rights and cause of the rakyat and the nation.

  • MCA shall be issue centric rather than just ethno centric.

  • MCA will continue to be a Chinese-based political party but it will champion not only Chinese interest but also national issue: corruption, judiciary, security, green environment, gender sensitivity, civil liberties and poverty.

  • MCA will continue to dedicate itself to help the Chinese community in economic development and competitiveness, Chinese education, culture not withstanding that, it should always be issue centric rather than all just Chinese.

1.2 Change to real partnership without dominance
  • MCA needs to re-look its relationship with its component party, especially UMNO. The perception of a master-servant relationship should be removed. Every component partner should have equal right, then only MCA can deliver the Chinese vote and stay competitive in the new political landscape.

  • MCA seeks to have a meaningful and effective partnership. Therefore we shall ensure BN as a multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalition, does not serve only one race, one creed, one religion. Hence, the voice of rakyat will always be heard in the corridors of power and that we will always be valued partners in the coalition.

  • There is no ‘big brother’ within the Barisan Nasional, only leadership by UMNO but not dominance (as we need leadership for stability, even the PR have leadership because of Anwar Ibrahim).

  • Every component party should be treated equal and fairly with the same rights of status as the rakyat of Malaysia, bearing in mind the Malay forms majority in this multi-racial society.

  • It is therefore pertinent for MCA to sit down with the component parties in BN, to lay down new and clear ground rules for the future direction of the coalition. MCA needs to speak out more and vocalize their concerns publicly and respectfully, without being threatening or antagonistic.

  • Each of the main component parties of BN have jealously and zealously fought and guarded the continuity and propagation of principal political agendas. However, championing of the communities rights and privileges should be less communal by way of adopting a constant, consistent and systematic approach in development planning, distribution of these rights and privileges.

  • We want to make MCA a political party that will reflect the changed political landscape in Malaysia. We must have clear and unequivocal values such as love and care for the rakyat, fairness, justice, integrity, discipline, courage in our convictions and tolerance for different opinions.

  • MCA should be more assertive to ensure government improves the implementation of government policies (projects) should be more transparent, fair and democratic. Hence, educational issues, religious issues and economic opportunities should be resolved without having to beg and petition the government.