Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Re-engineering and Reinvention of MCA

After nomination, I’m now the division chairman for Batu Pahat again. I will not be making announcement as to what post I’m contesting at the National MCA election. I need to get the feedback from MCA central delegates and to gauge their support from the delegates. These feedbacks are important in order for me to make an informed decision. Whatever position I contest, it is important whether I can play an important role in helping to re-engineer and reinvent MCA to meet the post 308 political scenarios. If I contest, I believe that the re-engineering and reinvention of MCA cannot be dependant on one person. There’s a need for teamwork and collective responsibility in order to reinvent MCA. If I cannot contribute to this role, I will not contest.
Meanwhile, I’ll continue to gather feedback on the expectation of MCA members and Chinese community towards MCA to ensure that MCA remains relevant in the new political landscape post 308 election. Often, I heard of people that MCA should leave BN. This is a major decision that needs a lot of deliberation. If MCA leaves BN;

1. No political party can claim to represent the Chinese at the federal level. I understand many will dismiss the role of MCA as mere playing the second fiddle to UMNO. But right now can any party claim to represent the Chinese in the government?

2. If MCA leaves BN, can MCA stand alone? Even DAP who solely dependant on Chinese votes have to join Pakatan Rakyat to ensure its long term survival.

Meanwhile, UMNO and PAS have openly admitted that they have some serious discussion at the highest possible level to talk about Islam and Malay unity. This once again demonstrates that politics in this country will always be influenced by race and religion. I understand that post 308, a lot of people were thinking and in fact some were euphoric that we’ll see some multiracial politics. I’ll always have my doubts and that race and religion will continue to play a prominent role in our political system. Ideally, we all accept that political party should be issue centric rather than ethnic centric. To me, it’s still a long time to go before we achieve this.




1. 华社将失去中央政府的代表权。我知道很多人都觉得马华地位次于巫统,所以很不屑马华的角色。但目前除了马华,中央政府里还有其他华社的代表吗?
2. 如果退出,马华可以单独生存吗?依仗华人选票的行动党也必须和公正党结盟,才能确保长期存活